Absolutely loved working with Marwa! She’s a gem – warm and wise, and her approach is intuitive and collaborative. Rather than coming in with a ’10 steps to…’ generic plan, she intuitively guided me to the strategies that felt most aligned with my vision. She helped me dig deeper and clarify my ‘why’ on content, helped hone my focus, and provided clear, insightful and forward-thinking guidance on strategy and implementation. I was often overwhelmed with fitting more content creation into my already busy schedule, and left our time together feeling inspired and activated. I’m grateful for our time together, and highly recommend working with her for anyone feeling a call to share more of their wisdom and voice with the world! -Ayah

It was very clear from the start that Marwa is an expert in her field. I was interested in some social media marketing strategies and she was patient and took the time to answer specifics and in plain non-industry terms for this non-industry professional. While her wealth of knowledge is clear, there are no questions too big or simple and no client too small which is really helpful for someone like me looking to grow my new business. I highly recommend her services, she is well versed in all marketing aspects! -Monika

"As a new entrepreneur, I am so overwhelmed with the marketing aspect of my business. There are so many channels out there that I don't even know where to start. Marwa helped clarify the areas I should focus on and the direction I should take. Her knowledge and resources were helpful with determining my marketing strategy. Thank you for your help Marwa, and I look forward to working with you in the future" -Ana