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Welcome to the Authentic Strategy Program - I want to take a moment to remind you to give yourself a pat on the back for doing this for yourself and your business.

I am so excited that we’ll be working together over the next several weeks!
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me!
To start off - here’s a quick look at what each week will look like in general but keep in mind that yours may look slightly different to suit your needs.

Every week includes journal prompts or ‘homework’ all of which I suggest allowing your intuition to guide you through. Each week also includes a 30 minute call with me where we’ll talk through what you reflected on and go over the details before I get to work on your deliverable for that week.

To start off, let’s get you to fill this out.


week 1: Purpose

This week is all about your why. We will set your intentions for your business and your marketing. We’re setting your direction before we get you running.

● Content Mission Statement
● Values & Intention-Based Goals Summary

week 2: People

Week two is going to be all about who your dream clients are and how you’re going to serve them. This week is to get you very clear on who they are, what they’re after and where/how to find them.

● Ideal Client Persona
● Value vs. Pain Point Summary

week 3: Passion

This week is all about what you need to be sharing and providing to your ideal audience to move you forward. We will find your brand’s voice and what that voice will be sharing.

● Brand Voice/Personality Summary
● Content “Buckets”
● Moodboard

Week 4-6: Plan, performance & Wrap-up

Last but definitely not least, you will get clear on how you will be creating (and sharing) all the things from the previous weeks so that it fits into your schedule and lifestyle. We will also figure out what your goals are and how you will be measuring your marketing efforts.


● Content Strategy Outline/Overview
● Process/Workflow Summary
● Creative Recommendations/Ideas (Optional)
● Calendar Template (If applicable)
● Performance Metrics Summary
● Tracking Template (if necessary)

This is the stage where this part of our journey together comes to an end. I will send you your final package and will follow up with you to see how you’re doing after our time together!