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About Me

Where it all began: My first taste of (work) freedom was when i started freelancing while completing my undergraduate degree. I worked with a variety of clients but no matter who I was working with, being able to help entrepreneurs build up their business was what I enjoyed most.

I have done it all - public relations, copywriting, social media strategy, social media management, email marketing, PPC ads, SEO (on and off-site), influencer marketing, email campaigns, content strategy - if it’s digital marketing related, I have probably dabbled in it at some point over the past 4 years.

After working full-time briefly, I realized that what I provided to entrepreneurs through my freelance work was what I truly loved and that working for someone else wasn’t for me.

I noticed a gap in the market for entrepreneurs who want to be more strategic in how they market themselves but they simply don’t know how.

There are countless articles, blog posts and free webinars but the advice is often vague, not actionable or full of terms no one really gets.

My goal is to provide the guidance that is lacking in this space without the stress, overwhelm or confusion but most importantly, without sacrificing your authenticity. Bonus points if we have a few laughs along the way.

Last but not least, for me, striking a balance between heart and head is very important in my work (and in my life) because I truly believe they don’t need to be separate. Strategy is amazing but it works best if we make sure we’re building that from your vision and your intentions for your business.

Let’s get mindful about your marketing so you can make the impact you’re destined to make.