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About Me

I first entered the marketing space when I started freelancing halfway through my undergraduate degree and haven’t looked back since. From a variety of clients to a couple jobs in startups and small businesses and volunteer positions, marketing has been my wheelhouse since that time years ago.

I’ve done it all - public relations, copywriting, social media strategy, social media management, email marketing, PPC ads, SEO (on and off-site), influencer marketing, email campaigns, content strategy - if it’s digital marketing related, I have probably dabbled in it at some point.

Throughout it all, one thing has remained true for me, Working closely with people who love what they do and want to make this world a better place is what keeps me going.

The more I talked to those people, the more I noticed a lack of options that gave them what they truly needed - guidance from an expert that wasn’t one-size-fits-all or felt unnatural, forced or unaligned to their values.

Now, my goal is to use my expertise to provide guidance without the stress, overwhelm or confusion but most importantly, without sacrificing your authenticity (if we have a few laughs along the way, even better).

Last but not least, striking a balance between head and heart is a big part of my work because I truly believe they don’t need to be separate. Strategy is amazing but it works best if we make sure we’re building that from your vision and your intentions for your business.

I’m here to help you get mindful about your marketing so you can make the impact you’re destined to make without losing yourself or your vision.